11 July 2024


LOCAL has been selected as finalist for the World Architecture Festival 2024 for our office space renovation in Paris. We will present our project to the jury this November in Singapore.

09 July 2024

Greymatter at Les Colloques de Cerisy

Prospective for Ecological Action: Towards New Territorial Narratives As climate change demands ecological planning and the creation of future narratives, can territorial foresight help anticipate and make informed choices while integrating uncertainty? This symposium will explore past and present foresight, associated representations, and actors amid chosen legacies, ongoing transitions, and necessary disruptions. Directors: Hiba DEBOUK (AREP), Isabel DIAZ (PUCA), Jean-Baptiste MARIE (GIP EPAU), Nicolas TIXIER (CRESSON) Our session on the 11th July, with Sébastien MAROT, Laurent MATTHEY, Jérôme PICARD, Louise JAMMET, Marion WALLER, Mélina RAMONDENC

08 July 2024

Sneak peek on our cultural center in Trysil

Here's a sneak peek of our feasibility study (mulighetsstudie) for Kulturhuset Hagelund in Trysil, Norway. In collaboration with Thornstrom Brookfield Architects, we aim to revitalize it into a multifunctional space for art, theatre, and education, while retaining much of the existing structure. More details this autumn!

11 June 2024

Team Learning & Living for DGV in Oslo is in Arkitektur and exhibited on site!

Team Leve & Lære vision for the old Veterinary College in Oslo is now out! Read more in the freshly published article in Arkitektur or visit the exhibition of our proposal on site.

10 June 2024

The exhibition of our project for the Old Veterinay school opens !

07 June 2024

LOCAL celebrates Aging at the Generation Festival in Bergen

LOCAL participates in the Generations Festival, directed by Anna Helle-Valle, which explores the question, "Are we a good community to grow old in?" LOCAL hosts two significant events, a Story-telling booths in collaboration with Theater company Bergen Borgerscene and the KMD Department of Design, under the Festipillene week. The second event is a debate on architecture and neighborhoods, led by Christian Pagh, Páll Tómas Finnsson, Kari M. Kristiansen, Nils Mæhle, Kirstin M. Leiros, Maria Molden, and Jerome Picard, discuss whether good architecture can support the welfare state.

15 May 2024

LOCAL part of Practice Models lecture serie

Practice Models is an ongoing event series that takes a behind the scenes look at the nature of architectural practice with a focus on the way a practice is started, structured and run as well as the stories of those at the center of it all.

20 April 2024

Jerome announced as new Associate professor at KMD University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design

08 April 2024

40under40 Awards

LOCAL is thrilled to be awarded the 40under40 prize ! "Europe 40under40® Award Winners: Announcing the Best Emerging Young Architects & Designers in Europe"

02 February 2024

Greenstation nominated for Archdaily Building of the year 2024

So happy to see Greenstation nominated for Archdaily Building of the year 2024. If you would like to see our design even higher, give your votes by clicking read more under!

27 January 2024

Selected for Trysil cultural house extension

Great news! LOCAL together with Thornström Brookfield Arkitekter have been selected for the extension of Trysil Cultural House. This is a unique task and opportunity to work with the transformation of the 1960’ existing building and consolidate the cultural offer of Trysil town center. The project envisions an innovative venue bringing under one roof several cultural services. The new program will see the existing theatre & cinema extended with a black box, flexible event space, the relocation of the culture school, the library, the volunteer base, and café together with new office space connected to the town hall. The project also aims to create a vibrant outdoor space in both summer and winter, balancing the needs of the local community, attracting skiers and hytte-goers at the heart of the charming rural center.

23 January 2024

LOCAL partners of “Generation – an aging festival” 31th of May in Bergen !

We are so glad to be partners for this incredible International festival celebrating aging and ages in all its form! Facing a historic decade with more elderly than children globally, this festival on May 31 invites all to explore aging and its impact on society. It aims to address challenges to welfare and equality while recognizing the potential of an experienced, resourceful older population for growth and community betterment. The festival offers debates, workshops, art, and specialized sessions for caregivers. Join us in our aging activism for a more inclusive life!

08 December 2023

We qualify for the 20 hectares transformation of the prestigious old Veterinary College in Oslo

Exciting news! Our team Leve og lære led by PIR2 Oslo is prequalified for the parallel assignment for the comprehensive development of the old Veterinary College for Oslobygg and Linstow. The purchase of the old Veterinary College is a major and important investment for both Oslo municipality and Linstow. The work with the parallel assignment will build on their high ambitions and goals, and will explore the possibilities of this central plot in Oslo. The project area covers about 20 hectares with approximately 56,000 square meters of existing buildings. Team Leve og lare is a collaboration between PIR2, Built, BRIQ, LOCAL, Growlab with INSAM, U-reist, Føreland consulting, Sustevo, Sustainable life, and strategic advisors from Aldring og Helse and the Verdighetsenteret. We look forward to taking on this incredibly exciting task in 2024 and are looking forward to an open exhibition in the spring! Photo: Hans O. Torgersen

07 December 2023

New Age-friendly community feasibility for Rana municipality

Rana Municipality, already in the forefront of demographic shifts with more elderly population over 65 in average, is developing a strategy for future health and care services. This effort is part of LOCAL's ongoing work on aging Greymatter, addressing the anticipated needs arising from the growing number of residents over 65. Collaborating with Curve Studio, the Verdighetsenteret, Aldring og Helse, A/Stab and INSAM, this initiative includes exploring land and housing development for an age-friendly community over a 30 years perspective. This new study aims to create inclusive, activity-friendly environments for all ages.

21 November 2023

LOCAL tops competition for a new rooftop pavilion and garden on Sølvberget Cultural center in Stavanger

Together with CURVE STUDIO, SGRAM & Bybonden i Bergen, we win the competition for a new multifunctional rooftop pavilion with productive gardens, maintaining the amazing views all around and celebrating the existing architecture of the Sølvberget cultural house.

04 October 2023

Greymatter film documentary at BIFF 2023!

Incredible and exciting news to announce we are part of the BIFF 2023! "Gråttgull" is featured in the BIFF+Byarkitekten program, and we're excited to showcase it! It will be screened at the Cornerteateret 23rd October 2023, alongside another short film on a similar theme "Where we grow older" by Daniel Schwartz. Anna Helle Valle, Bjart Nygaard, and Anne-Grete S-Eriksen are invited for a discussion before the movie. See you there!

04 October 2023

LOCAL presents Greymatter to JAS 2023!

Organised by members of the Union of Francophone Architects for Health, the fifth edition of the Health Architecture Days (JAS) will take place from 16th to 18th October 2023, at the Palais de l'Europe in Menton. Amidst modernizing health infrastructures and evolving techniques and technologies, the JAS event stands as an essential professional gathering dedicated to health and social-medical sectors. We are invited to present our ongoing work Greymatter, focusing on the significant role of seniors in urban city centers. Meet us Wednesday, 18th October 2023, at 09:45 AM in the Salle des Pays-Bas at the Palais de l'Europe in Menton.

30 September 2023

Nursing the Care presented under The Danish Social housing day 2023

Almene Boligdage brings together employees and elected officials from housing organizations throughout the country. In 2023, Almene Boligdage will take shape as a series of local events and will be rounded off with a grand finale at the Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen on 30 September. We are honoured to present the work we are doing with LBF at this event.

26 September 2023

LOCAL with Greymatter at Placemaking Europe 2023 in Strasbourg!

On Wednesday, September 27, from 16:15 to 17:30, the award-winning documentary "Greymatter Bergen" by architectural office LOCAL will be showcased, exploring innovative placemaking solutions by seniors in Bergen. The film, a winner of the Cross Roads prize at the 2021 Biennale in Seoul, offers an optimistic perspective on aging and has been featured in several international film festivals. The screening will be followed by an interactive conversation discussing aging, community, and architectural innovations for health in Norway, Denmark, and France.

14 September 2023

LOCAL, together with Sisto Studios have started work in Montreuil

The renovation project spanning 5,500sqm in Montreuil (France) has commenced on-site. This comprehensive endeavor encompasses the revitalization of a five-story office building, the enhancement of common areas, an expansion of office space, and the addition of an accessible rooftop.

11 September 2023

LOCAL with Greenstation are a part of TRE+ Trestrategi for Bergen

We are so happy to be included in the guideline for the use of Wood in Bergen prepared by the City architect of Bergen municipality. We believe in wood and CO2 neutral innovation for our future!

07 September 2023

LOCAL is a part of B-OPEN 2023!

Come in and join us saturday 23rd of September for 12h to 17h to the open door of Ateliers in Bergen, organised by B-OPEN 2023. We will present our film-documentary Greymatter Bergen and our research project on intergenerational architecture and city renewal. Come say hello!

05 September 2023

LOCAL completes CFE office in Paris

We are over the moon to open CFE office in Paris, our latest project. Check our website for more !

03 August 2023

Greymatter Bergen at the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund 2023

We are showing our film documentary on aging in Bergen at this year ArchFest, incredibly happy to be part of this event!

18 June 2023

We are invited to speak at the conference “Laksevåg for all”!

We are very much looking forward to Friday's urban development evening about Laksevåg out at Smien, where we will receive input from residents, property developers and the municipality!

17 June 2023

Greenstation wins Green GOOD DESIGN®️ Award 2023

The Greenstation project has won the prestigious Green GOOD DESIGN®️ Award 2023 in the category of Green Transportation for its innovative approach to sustainable energy infrastructure. The award recognizes LOCAL commitment to environmental responsibility and its significant contribution to sustainable architecture, landscape design, and urban planning.

12 June 2023

LOCAL organises Health round table for Nursing the Care film-documentary

“How can we facilitate such a change without losing the quality of the care and the social differ-ences just become increasingly bigger?” LOCAL office in Bergen. From left to right: Anna Helle-Valle, Anne-Grete Strøm Erichsen, Wolfgang Schmid, Tina Larsen and Sebastian von Hofacker

11 June 2023

Week-end to Strasbourg with the Echelle 1 program

Echelle 1, incubator center for architects from EAVT Paris East, organized a 2 days seminar in Strasbourg to talk about different facets of our profession. LOCAL is part of the 2022-2023 winning office to have a place in this exciting program.

05 June 2023

We are talking at this year UIA 2023 in Copenhagen !

Birth rates are diminishing while the elderly population is growing. This new challenge will affect a lot of different sectors including housing markets, and we need to ask ourselves: How are we going to live together in the near future? Join us 5th of july!

17 February 2023

LOCAL wins Neighbourhood for Generations!

After several months of innovating, conceptualising, and hard work among participants from all over the world, Landsbyggefonden (The National Building Fund) and our jury of experts can now reveal the selection of 4 ideas, that they think will succeed in turning residential areas into Neighbourhoods for Generations. “It was no easy task to pick just four winners.” Says head of jury, Christian Pagh, who is the director and chief curator of Oslo Architecture Triennale. “The best ideas are capable of creating new combinations from a neighbourhood’s different elements – the physical and social, the informal and institutional.” Landsbyggefonden had received 78 entries.

08 February 2023

Lecture at ENSAAMA Paris

LOCAL was presenting its work at the ENSAAMA (aka Olivier de Serres) to future professionals in the design and creative field. We shared about our education and professional path, we presented projects build in timber and high-end details and we talked about growing old better.

17 January 2023

Dagbladet 01/2023

Elderly wave in Bergen: The municipality is under pressure: - Must take action THINK NEWLY: The "elderly wave" of the future requires a different policy for the elderly than today. In Bergen, there will be more people over 65 than under 19 as early as 2035. Photo: Shad Madian / Dagbladet Marie Røssland - Published Thursday 19 January 2023

29 October 2022

LOCAL in Oslo triennale presenting Greymatter City at DOGA

A discussion session about GRÅTTGULL and movie screening of the movie Greymatter Bergen is happening at DOGA as part of the Oslo Triennale 2022 programme. Jérome Picard from LOCAL would presenting and panel discussion is led by Silije Lockart.

22 June 2022

Carpark Future Competition

Research laboratory of Dominique Perrault Architecture, and the INDIGO Group, world leader in parking and mobility, launched an international architecture competition on Tuesday, January 18, 2022. We were among special mentions which were announced at the awards ceremony on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at the TriPostal in Lille. More than 320 young architects from 64 nationalities registered and 34 projects from 10 countries were submitted.

12 May 2022

The Premier of GRÅTTGULL film in NABO!

During the NABO Kveld events in Bergen, our new film, will be premiered as part of the events of this year.

14 September 2021

We are part of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021

We are thrilled to announce that we are part of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021 representing the city of Bergen with our pavilion and film documentary “Grey Matter Bergen” exploring urban and active aging in our beloved Fjord city.

11 June 2021

Selected as DESIGN CULTURE(S) the 2021 Cumulus conference in Roma

Selected to present Grey Matter today and talk about age-friendly Urban strategy and our senior community as catalyst of our civic life. Design as expression of Culture(s) is taking into consideration the cultures we are inheriting from the past and which should be granted for the benefit of future generations, so intertwining past and future, tangible and intangible, innovation and tradition.

05 March 2021

Local is a partner of the first edition of The Lahore Digital Festival!

We are incredibly honored to be partner of this first edition of the Lahore Digital Festival and co-curate this event with an incredible team. 400 submissions, 75 artists selected, and numerous collectives and organisations. Lahore Digital Arts Festival (LDF) aims to celebrate the emerging digital culture of Pakistan by bringing together an international community of artists and audiences to explore the intersection of art, technology, and everything in-between.

02 December 2019

We are Runner-up for Europan 15 in Auby, France !

LOCAL is runner-up Europan 15 ! “Grey matter” focuses on inter-generational living and empowering our seniors, around shared, self-managed and inclusive spaces, with the existing asset of the city. Associates: Matthieu Boustany, Benoist Desfonds, Elida Mosquera, Jerome Picard - Contributor: Peeraya Suphasidh

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