Helicopter base

"A new helicopter base as public space."

Sykehusinnkjøp HF
Bergen, Norway
Completed, Pre-qualified competition
2000 m²
Jerome Picard, Miriam Sharp Pierson, Silje Lockert, Elida Mosquera
Arkitema, COWI
Helicopter base, office, landscape
Almost in the middle of the spaghetti junction, on the shore of Store Lungegårdsvannet, and clearly visible from the city's mountains, is the new helicopter base for Helse Bergen.

There’s a unique precision required to place this life-saving facility. It should not only fit into the cityscape but be a gem for Bergen on the waterfront, offering new experiences. Above all, its primary purpose is to save lives.

“Every time we see the new helicopter base and/or hear the air ambulance, we should hope that this medical transportation increases the chance to save a life,” reads the competition’s foundation. This has been the basis for our proposal, LY & LIV. The intention of the proposal is to create an essential place for Bergen’s residents – a unique place for nature and cultural experiences, extending the “sculpture trail” around Store Lungegårdsvannet.

Bergen municipality considers this area a crucial urban development zone. Our project fulfills the intentions of the waterfront strategy. The city’s connection to the sea is enhanced by the elevated location of the helicopter base overlooking the water, offering a new experience of enjoying the view of the new park, the water, and the city mountains. The maritime identity is continued with a project standing out in the water, as many boat houses have done before but in a new way, inviting marine plants and shoreline vegetation. The building will also be unique, enriching the cityscape’s identity, enhancing the peninsula’s connection to the sea through this vital base.


  • LY & LIV creates a functional, technically practical, and robust facility that supports the healthcare function and respects the regulations.
  • LY & LIV establishes a cohesive architectural entity, carefully designed in relation to its surroundings while enhancing the site’s qualities.
  • LY & LIV provides Bergen with a new, poetic landscape space, shaded by tree trunks, under which helicopters land.
  • LY & LIV showcases the life-saving function of the facility. Through evocative architecture and organic materials, lighting, and art, the atmosphere can change with the time of day, offering a unique experience for every visit.
  • LY & LIV supports Bergen’s architectural strategies (Architecture+ and Tre+), focusing on innovative wood use. Using wood both architecturally and structurally promotes a positive experience of Bergen as a beautiful, distinctive, green, and inclusive city.