Tennis center

« extracting from the tennis world textures and atmosphere advocating values of well-being, balance and nature »

French Tennis Federation
Paris, France
2 990 m2
Matthieu Boustany, Anne Brechenmacher, Benoist Desfonds, Enzo Migne, Elida Mosquera, Jerome Picard, Miriam Pierson
Paul Cournet CLOUD
Living spaces of a national training center of tennis with a lobby, a student area, an hotel and an accessible garden

The training center transformation guide the athlete in his search for daily performance while creating open and appropriate spaces. In a context of communal life, it’s as well a matter of a domestic dimension : the athletes needs to find the comfort of ‘home’. We want the space to reflect the unique value of tennis while celebrating diversity, gender equality and equity.

The project takes place in three types of spaces : the entrance/lobby, the student area and the hotel. The new entrance sequence is a scattering of island of green creating new encounters and waiting spaces just like a traditional village square. In the student area, the purge of lining and partition without touching the structure allows the use of the whole volume. The uses are linearly organized to enable a clear separation between the services as well as a transparency. The relaxation lounge is bathed with natural light thanks to its direct contact with the communal garden. Finally, the hotel is conceived for a new tribes of international athlete : connected, creative, always on the move and solicitous about the environment. Either for a short or a long stay, the aim is to create a place where young people feel more as resident than visitors.