Coeur de coteaux

« transform the existing, densify gently, while preserving the qualities of the site »

Nancy, France
6 950 m2
Capucine Allé, Matthieu Boustany, Sabrina Boutarraha, Anne Brechenmacher, Benoist Desfonds
HBLA, Louvet BET, Graph Studio
Collective housings, refurbishment, transformation of offices into housing, landscape, parking
Overlooking the Nancy city, the "Coeur de Coteaux" plot meet heterogeneous realities and temporalities: a protected park with tall trees used as backward gardens, some hidden individual housings and offices, one large active historic building, and a modernist concrete ruin.


Our urban and architectural intervention look to densify with sensitivity and rigor, in order to reactivate the place with housing and nature.

At the upper part of the land, the rehabilitation of the twin office buildings allows the creation of housing with strong identity and high heights. At the bottom edge of the plot, two buildings are detached and assembled by stepping in plan to follow the slope. The envelopes of the buildings respond to the materiality of the existing ones and in continuity with the former historic headquarters of the Foundries of Pont-à-Mousson: glass, concrete, metal. We express them in a domestic way with variables textures: rugged, slick, mat.

Like a link between upstream and downstream, the landscaping hosts different events such as a park, a vegetable garden and games for children, while a green corridor frames a new perspective on Nancy roofscape.