« Create a platform to embrace the abundant natural, historical, artistic and material resources »

Seoul Metropolitan Government
Seoul, South Korea
International Competition
5 100 m²
Matthieu Boustany, Benoist Desfonds, Gilles Guyot, Peeraya Suphasidh
The multiple connections between the programs create the unpredictability that inspires creativity. The visitors are visually in contact with everything: the art pieces, the archives, and the different zones of activities. We propose an art complex that ultimately became the laboratory that the museum cannot be. Each program sets a central point from where it can grow in any direction. The Open-Archive connects the ground floor to the rooftop with succession of unique spaces: a double height reading lounge, a sketching courtyard, small meeting rooms, exhibition galleries and archival steps. The visitor can be surrounded by exhibited materials while reading a book, sketching or building a new creation.