Future Health and Care Services

Health as heart of neighbourhood

Rana Municipality
Rana, Norway
Curve studio, INSAM, Verdighetsenteret, Aldring og HelseA/Stab
120-unit nursing home, residential centers, care apartments, activity house, and various residential and communal facilities
LOCAL, Onirism
The project in Rana Municipality, Norway, addresses a rapid aging population and escalating healthcare costs by planning a new nursing home and repositioning facilities for more efficient health services, focusing on developing an age-friendly neighborhood in Ytteren.

The ‘Future Health and Care Services Rana Municipality Ytteren Feasibility Study’ details a project divided into three phases, aimed at meeting the needs of an aging population in Rana, Norway. Phase 1 focuses on gathering insights through stakeholder engagement and site analysis. Phase 2 involves developing scenarios based on the initial findings to create innovative solutions. Phase 3 is dedicated to synthesizing input into a strategic plan, culminating in an implementation strategy for an age-friendly, multifunctional neighborhood designed for inclusion and diversity.

The project in Rana Municipality includes a nursing home with 120 units (10,800 m²), residential centers (6,600 m² total), care apartments (3,100 m²), and varied residential and communal facilities (6,200 m²), aimed at creating an inclusive community.