« documenting an inclusive and intergenerational vision for a resilient urban living. »

Elida Mosquera, Jerome Picard, Kjartan Neckelmann
The documentary Greymatter Bergen is a project about the current state of how we grow old and live in the center of cities, using Bergen as a case study. By documenting and mapping the lives of our el-derly today, we want to inspire, question, and imagine an inclusive and resilient future for the city.

Bergen has a lot in store to be an exciting pioneering place thoughtful of elderly in the center. This proposal pictures the present and sets a reference point for our future as senior people in Bergen.

Through the lens of selected seniors’ residents and following them in their daily life, we interview various stakeholders and actors and dive into the various natural and built environments of this city to reflect on questions raised by the curators. It brings a particular Scandinavian perspective with a city characterized by its dramatic geography, rich history and socio-economical context.