Greymatter Seoul biennale

« chosen as a Crossroads prize winner by the jury of the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021. »

SBAU 2021
Bergen, Norway and Seoul, South Korea
10 m2
Elida Mosquera, Jerome Picard, Kjartan Neckelmann
DOGA Design og arkitektur Norge , Bergen Kommune, DRB Design Region Bergen, Norwegian Embassy in Seoul
Vosk design (Visual Identity), Dongwoo Kim (Installation pavilion), Ji Hoon Kim (Carpenter pavilion)
stabbur pavillion and video documentary
Presented in a revisited Stabbur, a Norwegian building to traditionally store food, we are collecting the stories of active seniors in the Fjord city of Bergen and question how we can design the resilient and inclusive city of the future.

Under the theme of “Crossroads: Building the Resilient City”, the 2021 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism explores cities through architecture, design, and urban planning by highlighting “the virtues and dialogue of crossroads of knowledge” through exhibitions, installations, and events, that tackle the city of tomorrow.

“Stabbur” is a traditional Norwegian construction for storing food. We propose a revisited stabbur for storing local stories of our elders in the city of Bergen, Norway.

The pavilion is conceived as wooden trilogy exploring the qualities of one single material, bare trunk, live edge plank, and finished cladding above a stone structure. It is a dialogue between vernacular west-coast Norway and traditional South Korean Carpentry as the pavilion was built by master carpenter from the center of the country.

The pavilion was dismantled for reuse by the carpenter after the Biennale.

Grey Matter is a project about how we grow old and live in the center of cities. By documenting the lives of our elders, the project contradicts the common belief that activity and productivity belong solely to the youth and criticizes the segregation of seniors that consigns them to isolation, passivity, and dependence and claims that a productive city can also be inclusive to provide safety and freedom in an intergenerational context. There is an opportunity to revitalize existing urban structures by placing seniors at the heart of our urban life, harnessing the total ecology of health to create new durable socio-economical bonds.

What is the role of architecture and urban design to make aging inclusive and affordable?

How are the spaces of Health providing the right context to grow older with dignity?

How can multigenerational typologies facilitate links of collaboration between generations that are mutually beneficial?

With Greymatter Bergen we set a reference point for our future self as senior in the city through the lens of different residents. A film documentary about meeting our urban senior community in Bergen, Norway.