Nursing the Care

How can health and multi-generational living communities be integrated into existing built structures and neighborhoods?

Competition winner
Phase 1: 7000m2 Phase 2: 14000m2 Phase 3: 17000m2
Aldring og Helse, Verdighetsenteret
Housing, Health and music center, Landscape
LOCAL, Onirism
Nursing the Care is an innovative initiative that aims to integrate healthcare services, staff, and comprehensive care into the residential areas that need it most. The project is a first prize winner of international competition Neighbourhood for Generation and was presented at the 28th UIA World Congress 2023 in Copenhagen.

By taking care of the people who take care of us, we can create a positive cycle that includes older individuals and multiple generations. This is what we aim to achieve together in Axelborg. By 2060, one-third of all Europeans will be over 65 years old. Like other European countries, Denmark is facing an increasing shortage of care personnel, and nursing home costs are a burden on municipalities. Housing costs for nurses are at a record low. Modern healthcare services contribute to longer lifespans, but many elderly experience isolation, loneliness, and cognitive decline. Social contact and resident participation are necessary. Overburdened welfare systems need compassionate communities.

Axelbro combines two winning proposals into one holistic vision to create a pilot project that contains:

-Axelbo/Axelcare as a development from Nursing the Care by LOCAL, Sebastian Von Hofacker (Verdighetsenteret) and Anna Helle-Valle (Aldring og Helse)

-Axelgro as a development of Thinking Outside the B(l)ox by Hele Landet – Sociale Arkitekter & ØsterGRO & Andreas Høegh.

Axelcare prioritizes health services in neighbourhoods for an aging society.

Axelbo transforms apartments into lifetime and care homes with accessible spaces for multi-generational living.

Axelgro integrates an urban farming restaurant and local shop for the community to create attraction and connection with the city.