« a reference for an environmentally friendly factory for recycling plastic. »

Plastcon AS
Mongstad, Norway
20 000 m2 building, 100000 m2 exterior spaces and landscape
Elida Mosquera, Jerome Picard, Kjartan Neckelmann, Miriam Sharp Pierson, Silje Lockert, Cristina Fernández, Valentin Kokudev, Matthieu Boustany, Enzo Migne
plastic recycling facility
Our vision for PlastCon is based on wrapping office space, learning centre and public areas around the factory at the heart, shortcutting the usual linear shape of a production facility into a circular loop. The circular shape cut in half creates a dynamic façade that anchor the building toward the main access and entrance while the curved roof on the other side blends the building to its surrounding.

PlastCon is a pioneering facility to large scale transformation of plastic in green fuel energy. The high environmental ambition of the production is reflected in a calm but powerful 26,000swm hill-shape building placed in the wild west-coast landscape but nearby Mongstad one of the world largest oil refineries and the second largest port in Europe in term of volume transit. The building is also a statement to become a welcoming and climate positive building taking a stand in the green transition we are to engage in.

Waste plastic and resulting microplastic are without doubt the most serious waste problem facing the world today, eclipsing nuclear waste. PlastCon eliminates negative effects of waste plastic on soil, water and air pollution by recycling such waste.  This building has the ambition of becoming a reference for an environmentally friendly factory in Norway.