« a new civic waterfront for ‘Bergen Storsentrum’ mindful of the sun. »

Europan Norge + Bergen
Bergen, Norway
260 ha
Elida Mosquera, Jerome Picard
Development focus on density and urban transformation
With a resilient neo-rural movement driving a return to the affordable, green, and fiber-optic connected countryside, can the city provide a qualified alternative? This scheme addresses the question of how successful family living can be sustained on a complex, urban location. The courtyard buildings with varying heights balance the need for acoustic near the road, visual privacy in an optimal sun condition. This creates a variety of visual engagement with the protected communal areas inside and exterior views. At the ground level, the placement of buildings shapes pedestrian movement and allows visual permeability. As the cost of housing and construction prices soar, affordability, waste management, regional production and adaptability must drive the strategy. We envisage a prefabricated system and the typologies are designed to be adaptable so that the family can spend a lifetime in them, converting balcony to bedroom back to winter garden.
Europan Bergen
Europan Bergen
Europan Bergen
Europan Bergen
Europan Bergen
Europan Bergen